Man Facing Possible Life Sentence Found Not Guilty

by Keith Epps | The Freelance Star
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A Stafford jury took about 20 minutes to find a man who had been facing a potential life sentence not guilty.

Ronzell D. Parker–Kimble, 20, was accused of stabbing 20-year-old Jeffrey Fleeton early on Aug. 17 outside a wild party on Longwood Drive in North Stafford.

Fleeton suffered a large gash on his stomach that required 28 staples and he also had surgery for a severe cut to his arm.

Parker–Kimble was charged with aggravated malicious wounding, which carries a penalty of between 20 years to life in prison.

According to the evidence presented in Stafford Circuit Court, Parker-Kimble and Fleeton were two of nearly 200 young people at a party that night.

The party was hosted by a relative of the homeowners, who told police that neither the relative nor anyone else was supposed to be there that night.

Witnesses said the mayhem included heavy drinking, dancing on countertops and multiple fights. Neighbors called police to break up the commotion.

Fleeton testified that as he was leaving the party, he heard Parker–Kimble call out to him from behind.

He claimed that Parker–Kimble, whom he’d never had problems with before, “got into his face.”

Fleeton said he pushed Parker–Kimble and was punched in the stomach. He walked about five steps before realizing he was bleeding.

Under cross-examination from defense attorney Jonathan David, Fleeton admitted that he had been drinking vodka that night.

Parker–Kimble, who at 6 feet 2 is 10 inches taller than Fleeton, said there was a minor confrontation.

But he said he didn’t touch Fleeton and never had a knife.

No one else reported seeing Parker–Kimble do anything to Fleeton.

In his closing argument, David said that Fleeton was combative that night and had several altercations. He also pointed out that Fleeton had three wounds but claimed Parker–Kimble hit him only once.

“His memory was so clouded by the drinking,” David said. “He blames [Parker–Kimble] because he’s the last person he remembers seeing.”

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