Woman not guilty of slashing man's nose

by Keith Epps | The Freelance Star
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A woman who nearly cut off her then-boyfriend’s nose during a domestic altercation last year was cleared Tuesday by a Fredericksburg jury.

Brittany Nicole Carter, 23, of Fredericksburg was found not guilty of aggravated malicious wounding in Fredericksburg Circuit Court.

Defense attorney Jonathan David successfully argued that Carter was acting in self-defense May 11 when she sliced Richard B. Humphrey’s nose with a knife.

Humphrey’s nose was dangling from his face when police arrived, according to the evidence. It took 48 stitches to reattach it.

City police that afternoon went to the home the couple shared at 516 Sophia St.

Humphrey was bleeding profusely, according to a city police report, and the first responding officer held a towel to his face in an attempt to help save the nose.

The police report states that Carter, who was five months pregnant at the time, was arrested after she came outside shouting, “I didn’t mean to cut you.”

According to the evidence, the dispute centered around Carter’s insistence that Humphrey stop smoking marijuana around her while she was pregnant.

Carter testified that Humphrey had punched her the night before and was on top of her assaulting her again when he was cut.

Humphrey denied ever touching Carter.

David, however, put on evidence to show the jury that Humphrey was prone to violence.

Humphrey was arrested in Stafford County three days after getting his nose reattached for assaulting two people. He was later convicted of two counts of assault and battery.

His own brother, John Humphrey, testified that he was violent, and other defense witnesses said Richard Humphrey had admitted beating Carter while she was pregnant.

David also pointed out that when Carter was arrested for cutting Humphrey, she had a black eye in her booking photo.

Carter had a healthy baby boy after her arrest. If she had been convicted, she would have faced the possibility of spending from 20 years to life in prison.

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