Dog mauling case in Spotsylvania ends with suspended sentence, dog ownership ban

by Keith Epps | The Freelance Star
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Cane CorsoA Spotsylvania County man whose dogs badly mauled his wife and a deputy during an attack last year won’t have to do any jail time, but also can’t own dogs in Virginia for a decade.

Vance Isiah Gibbs, 49, received a suspended 12-month jail sentence after pleading guilty to public nuisance-dog attack Monday in Spotsylvania Circuit Court. As part of a plea agreement worked out by prosecutor Ryan Mehaffey and defense attorney Jonathan David, two other charges were dropped.

The charges stemmed from a June 12 incident during which multiple neighbors came to the aid of Saba Quereshi, who was under attack at her home in the 900 block of Stonewall Lane by “Cati,” one of her husband’s four Presa Canario and Can Corso canines.

According to court records, Gibbs left the four dogs in his garage that day when he went to work. Three of the dogs were in cages, while Cati was tied to a piece of exercise equipment.

By the time Quereshi arrived home with her newborn baby from the pediatrician’s office that afternoon, Cati had gotten untied and was roaming loose in the garage.

Court records state that she called Gibbs and asked what she should do. He told her to tie Cati back up.

The agreement states that Gibbs knew Quereshi had limited experience with the dog and that Cati had a history of aggression.

When Quereshi entered the garage, the dog attacked her without provocation. She managed to close the door leading to the house so that her child, who was still in a car seat, would be protected.

Quereshi screamed for “Aprillo,” the father of Cati, and Aprillo broke out of his cage and did enough to allow the woman to retreat back into her home. She was covered in blood and suffering from significant injuries as she went out the front door screaming for help.

Cati heard the screaming and went out of the garage door, which had been opened during the commotion. The dog attacked Quereshi again, this time on the front porch.

Neighbors managed to get the dog off Quereshi and she again got back into the house.

Meanwhile, Cati and Aprillo were loose in the yard. Both attacked one of the deputies who were trying to get into the home to assist the badly injured Quereshi. Court records state that Cati caused such injuries to one deputy’s upper thigh that there was initial concern the deputy might die from internal bleeding, court records state.

Deputies had to shoot and kill both dogs so they could help Quereshi.

The summary of the evidence states that dogs owned by Gibbs had attacked a golden retriever at Ni River Middle School on May 29, 2018, and a neighbor’s pit bull about four months later.

In addition, a video posted on Facebook in April 2018 showed Gibbs training Aprillo to attack a person.

Mehaffey said part of the reason for the plea agreement was Quereshi’s refusal to testify against her husband.